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The Hybrid™ Pro Mattress

A luxurious level up from the Hybrid™ Original Mattress, the Hybrid™ Pro has an incredible 7 layers. And double the spring count.
 Up to 5,000 Springs
14" Depth
7 Layers of Tech
Wool blend cool layer
 Up to 5,000 Springs
14" Depth
7 Layers of Tech
Wool blend cool layer


Medium Firm

Medium Plush


The Hybrid™ Pro Mattress

Most luxurious Hybrid™ and designed for those who are looking for a plush feel.

  • Soft, breathable wool top layer. Cooling wool blend for extra heat control.
  • Two layers of springs. Two layers of zoned, Aerocoil® micro springs for optimum pressure relief.
  • Cooler sleep. Open-cell Simbatex foam, infused with graphite to draw heat away from the body.
  • Body aligned support. 7-zoned CertiPUR® certified foam base mirrors your body shape.
  • Made in North America, in zero-waste factories.
  • 100% recyclable.

The Hybrid™ Pro Mattress: Tech Spotlight

Natural Blended Wool Layer

Keep cool. Stay dry. Sleep deep.

When it comes to temperature control, pure wool is great to cleverly wick moisture away from the body and allows it to evaporate, keeping you fresh and cool.

More air. More fresh.

Simbatex™ foam technology

Aerocoil® spring technology

Double spring layers, double comfort

Hybrid™ range features

What's special about a Simba?

Why Simba suits everyone

All shapes, sizes & sleep positions

Our unique Hybrid™ mattress technology is designed to feel perfectly comfortable to everyone, no matter their shape or sleeping style.

It's a balance between providing ergonomic pressure relief for your body, and correct alignment for your spine; Simba's signature tech ensures a 'hugged', cradled feeling in the upper layers, and perfect spinal support in the base layers.

too soft

Lacks support


For perfect spinal alignment


Lacks cushioning

The Hybrid™ Pro Mattress: Layer by Layer

Working together for perfect comfort


Greener, cleaner.

Explore The Range

Hybrid™ Essential

4 Comfort layers
Up to 1,500 Aerocoil® Springs

From $999
Or $55.50 monthly


Hybrid™ Original

5 Comfort layers
Up to 2,500 Aerocoil® Springs
+ Zoned Simba-Pure Base

From $1,099
Or $61.06 monthly


Currently viewing

Hybrid™ Pro

7 Comfort layers
Up to 5,000 Aerocoil® Springs
+ Zoned Simba-Pure Base
+ Cooling wool/bamboo layer

From $1,399
Or $77.72 monthly


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