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100-Night Comfort Guarantee

We're confident you'll feel the difference with your Simba mattress after one night. But just in case, we've given you a few more nights to sleep on it. 100 nights in total, in your own home.

Simply make an order. Your trial starts when your mattress arrives - even if you've asked for a delayed delivery. Enjoy a superior night's sleep on our innovative technology. (And repeat.)

Full terms below:

  • 1.0  These 100-Night Mattress Trial Terms are subject to and must be interpreted in accordance with the captalized terms used in the Terms and Conditions hosted here. In these 100-Night Mattress Trial Terms, the following additional definitions are used;
  • 1.1  “Mattress Customer” means the first purchaser of the mattress, who purchased a mattress product from the website, and excludes any Trade Customer.
  • 1.2  “100 Night Duration” means, subject to extension by any pause under clause 5.3, the period from delivery of a mattress which a Customer purchased from the Site up to the latter of the 100th day since the date the mattress was delivered to the location designated by Customer, expiring after 23:59:59 EDT or EST (as applicable in the state of Delaware on that date).
  • 1.3  “Simba” means “Simba USA” as defined in the Terms and Conditions.
  • 1.4  “Trade Customer” means any purchaser of a mattress who uses the mattress for or in connection with any commercial purposes.
  • 2.0  As a goodwill gesture, Simba may give a Mattress Customer the option to return a mattress purchased for the 100 Night Duration under the 100-Night Mattress Trial set out in these 100-Night Mattress Trial Terms, subject to Simba's overarching discretion to decline to honor the 100-Night Mattress Trial.
  • 2.1  The 100-Night Mattress Trial applies to mattresses sold by Simba in new condition and not to any other products.
  • 2.1.1  The 100-Night Mattress Trial is not transferable. Only the initial Mattress Customer who purchased a mattress from Simba may benefit from or make a notice sent to Simba in respect of a 100-Night Mattress Trial.
  • 2.2  If Mattress Customer elects to return a mattress under the 100-Night Mattress Trial, Mattress Customer must comply with requirements, including;
  • 2.2.1  Mattress Customer must engage with and complete any return process requirements as specified by Simba from time to time, including via email, promptly and completely.
  •  Illustrative examples only regarding 2.2.1 - Mattress Customer may be obliged to take photographs of the mattress, or to communicate with Simba's third-party providers and to take instructions from those third-party providers, and then comply with and execute those instructions.
  • 2.2.2  Before the end of the 100 Night Duration, a Mattress Customer must provide a clear notice to Simba in writing by emailing of their intention to return a mattress under the 100-Night Mattress Trial.
  •  Mattress Customer's notice must include Mattress Customer's name, physical address from which return will be made, email address, order number from the site, date of order on the site, and date that the mattress was received by Mattress Customer.
  • 2.3  A Mattress Customer may only make and cancel an order under the 100-Night Mattress Trial once. Simba will not offer the 100-Night Trial to a Mattress Customer in respect of more than one mattress product.
  • 2.4  Simba has a general discretion to decline to honor the 100-Night Mattress Trial in any circumstances Simba sees fit and without limitation. Simba may decline to honor the 100-Night Mattress Trial in circumstances including but not limited to the following illustrative examples;
  • 2.4.1  Mattress Customer or any agent or assign thereof fails, declines, or elects not to communicate with, or adequately engage with Simba, or Simba's third-party providers or agents thereof ;
  • 2.4.2  Simba perceives or suspects any dishonesty, misrepresentation, or misconduct on Mattress Customer's part in dealings or communications with Simba or our third-party providers or their agents.
  • 2.4.3  Mattress Customer has not paid any outstanding fees owed to Simba or our third-party providers or their agents.
  • 2.4.4  there is evidence that a mattress is stained, ripped, torn, or which suggests or otherwise indicates the mattress has sustained any other damage or degradation whether due to negligence, willful damage, or otherwise.
  • 2.5  Where a Mattress Customer claims a for defect or another reason which means that a replacement mattress is sent to Mattress Customer by Simba during the 100 Night Duration, a Mattress Customer's 100 Night Duration will paused from the date Simba instructs the Mattress Customer that a replacement mattress will be dispatched, and will resume upon receipt of a replacement mattress from Simba.
  • 2.6  Any Trade Customer is not eligible for the 100-Night Mattress Trial

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After purchasing our Simba mattress, both me and my fiancé are now able to get a great night's sleep in comfort and wake up with no back or neck pain. One of, if the not the best purchase we've made in a long time.

Craig D.

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Our unique Simba technology has been engineered by sleep experts to help you sleep longer, deeper and cooler.
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300k+ 5* Reviews
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B Corp™ Certified
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