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Sleeping with the stars

We're listening... Everything we do, we do to make sure you get the best night's sleep. Below you’ll find real and unfiltered reviews from customers of Simba group companies around the world about their local version of these Simba products.

Review claim explanation

According to both searches undertaken by Simba USA's parent company (a) and outputs provided by our group's data management partner (b), Simba Sleep as a brand has received more than 300,000 Unique (c) 5 Star (d) reviews in territories worldwide since February 2016 as of the Claim Date (e). This claim is based on analysis of Unique (c) online reviews and review-specific information (f) relevant to the Simba Sleep brand generally and Simba Sleep products specifically which were publicly accessible and retrievable via a Public Source (g) at a date during the 3 weeks prior to the Claim Date (e). (h)

(note a) Simba Sleep Limited is registered under company number 09703422 in the United Kingdom.

(note b) Our data management partner is GroupBWT, LLC.

(note c) To determine the Unique quality of a review, our data management partner creates a unique identifier for each review using a set of parameters associated with each review as recorded at the point of capture, and then conducts a deduplication exercise. If a reviewer leaves more than one review in respect of the same product or service, or multiple products or services, each of these would be counted as a Unique review.

(note d) a 5 Star review means a review which was rated on a point, or star, basis, out of 5, where the rating left by the reviewer was 5 stars or 5 points.

(note e) the Claim Date refers to March 8, 2024.

(note f) Review or feedback left by any person in respect of an interaction by the reviewer with Simba or with another mattress brand.

(note g) Public Source in respect of Simba means product reviews for orders placed on Simba Sleep Limited's own e-commerce website at, including product reviews for orders of Simba's products sold by Simba Sleep but placed via eBay and Amazon in territories worldwide, and reviews of Simba Sleep on Trustpilot and Yotpo in territories worldwide.

(note h) Simba group entities have no control over reviews left by reviewers of Simba Sleep as a brand or for Simba Sleep products on third party websites not controlled by Simba Sleep group entities, and Simba Sleep group entities cannot assure the ongoing public accessibility of reviews for Simba Sleep as a brand or for Simba Sleep Products beyond the Claim Date where reviews are hosted on third party websites in respect of Simba Sleep as a brand.


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